Dear AISD Family,
With a new year comes a new season of fall sports and we have hit the ground running. New seasons bring new athletes,
new competition and new goals. For us in the Athletic Department we wanted to kick off the New School Year with an
upgrade from our newsletter to our new AISD Athletics Magazine.
You can read it at this link or click the cover below.
We believe that this magazine can be a vessel by which we promote our students’ athletic accomplishments in
the District and share our vision and mission.
We believe that the overall athletic experience is an integral part of the educational system that has many positive
benefits associated. We would also like you to visit our newly launched website. As you
enjoy our first feature on one of our 12 High Schools, please engage with any one of our fine programs, directly
or through our website, to learn more about how athletics and academics work together to develop to the whole child.
Leal J. Anderson
Athletic Director
Austin Independent School District

Magazine Cover